Much thanks to everyone who showed up to read Macbeth yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed the reading very much and hope you did too if you were there. I think we were rolling right along with much fewer stumbles than I anticipated as people got a hang of the system very quickly.

Special thanks to Richard Joyrich for attending and bringing his expertise to the group. Richard is a member of the Oberon Shakespeare group that meets every month at the Farmington Hills Library where they primarily discuss the authorship issue. Also thanks to Lois and Marvin from the Rosedale Community Players for attending and bringing their experience with theatre and Shakespeare to the group.

Also a very special thanks to the students from Cyndi Burnstein’s Shakespeare class that were there at the meeting. It takes some courage for each of us to step up and wrestle with sometimes unfamiliar text in a live setting but I thought everyone tried really hard and performed admirably. And as a venerable ancient Indian scripture text says, “Full effort is full victory”. 

The votes are in, no recounts needed!. We will be reading “Twelfth Night” which handily beat “As You Like It” and “The Merchant of Venice“. We will be meeting at the Walldorf room on December 21 at 1:00 p.m., hope to see you there!

Twelfth Night films and productions to check out are the Trevor Nunn film with Imogen Stubbs as Viola and Helena Bonham Carter as Olivia. Also the BBC production with Felicity Kendal as Viola. Felicity Kendal is part of the Kendal family that is especially beloved by Shakespeare fans living in India or of Indian origin. Her parents, Geoffrey and Laura Kendal, led a repertory company on tours of India after the Second World War performing Shakespeare before royalty one day and in front of humble villagers the next day. The Merchant-Ivory film “Shakespearewallah” is loosely based on her family’s real-life experience if you want to get a sense of their adventures in India and see them perform excerpts from the plays.

Twelfth Night has many songs in it. I play the guitar and can accompany anyone interested in singing “O Mistress mine”, “Come away, come away death” or “For the rain, it raineth every day” at the reading, it will be fun to have a musical interlude!