The votes are in, we will be reading Othello at our next meeting on February 15. Othello beat out Antony and Cleopatra by a hair!

Since the play is quite long (3560 lines) we will start earlier at 12:15 p.m. and go right into the reading. Several summaries of Othello are available on the internet.

I will also send out a reminder about a week before the reading.

Several films of Othello exist, here are a few that I have seen in the past:

Laurence Olivier Othello with Maggie Smith as Desdemona and Frank Finlay as Iago
This was a bold controversial Olivier performance. When Olivier found out that Orson Welles had described Othello as “a natural baritone”, Olivier, a natural tenor, took voice lessons for several weeks.

Laurence Fishburne Othello with Irene Jacob as Desdemona and Kenneth Branagh as Iago

Willard White Othello with Imogen Stubbs as Desdemona and Ian McKellen as Iago

John Kani Othello, Richard Haines as Iago, directed by Janet Suzman
This performance took place in 1988 in apartheid era South Africa directed by South African born Janet Suzman. The atmosphere was highly charged, the law against inter-racial marriage had not been long repealed (1985) and the performances took on the shape of protest theatre.

Orson Welles Othello, Suzanne Cloutier as Desdemona and Michael MacLiammoir as Iago

After some thought, I have also decided to let readers have the flexibility of opting for smaller roles during the reading if they wish and if they would rather listen more than read. I will just take this information down at the beginning of the reading and assign parts accordingly.

Prashant Andrade