Thanks to everyone who showed up to read “The Tempest” last Sunday at the library. The reading went wonderfully, I had forgotten the extent of the humor in the Stephano, Trinculo, Caliban sub-plot and that came out really nicely at the reading. Also a special thanks to first time attendees Tom Hunter and Rosie, it was nice having you at the reading!

We will be meeting to read the next play in our history sequence,  “King Henry IV, Part 1” on April 26 at 12:30 pm. Please note the earlier starting time as the play has 3041 lines in it. I will send out a reminder the beginning of the week of the reading. The play is brimming with some of the most vital characters that Shakespeare ever created including Falstaff and Hotspur, each of which the play could have conceivably been named after and I anticipate the reading will be a lot of fun!

We will also be voting in April to read one of the following tragedies at the May meeting: Coriolanus, King Lear, Antony and Cleopatra, Julius Caesar.

Looking ahead a little bit, I am curious to see if anyone will be able to handle the French portions of “Henry V“, please let me know and I will make a note to assign those parts to you at the reading.

A couple of quick notes before I finish.

The Ian McKellen “King Lear” is on PBS tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 8:00 pm as part of the Great Performances series.

The Oberon Shakespeare Group is celebrating an UN-birthday party on April 23 at 7:00 pm at the Farmington Community Library with cake and coffee! If you are intrigued, please visit their blog for more details:

Prashant Andrade