Thank you to all who attended the “Antony and Cleopatra” reading on 5/17 at the Plymouth Library. Like I mentioned then, I feel confident that we can tackle any Shakespeare play after having worked through 40+ scenes and 40+ speaking characters in one afternoon! Many essays on “Antony and Cleopatra” in performance say that it would be absurd to stage the whole play as written. Was the effect absurd? Maybe.  Exhilarating? Definitely!

Thank you to first time reader Mike Nader for attending. Mike read Antony, Cleopatra and many more characters wonderfully. Thanks also to the students from the PCCS Humanities Class (Mike and Fernanda) for attending. Thanks to Tom and Rosey for fitting two sections in before having to leave. Rosey played Caesar for part of the second section and rattled off the litany of “kings o’ the earth” that Antony has recruited for war with amazing aplomb! Try this and see how you do, I devolved into torturous spouting somewhere past the third line. If Homer was writing this play, (anachronism I know) he would not have been shy about Caesar elaborating just who precisely those “larger list of sceptres” were 🙂

who now are levying
The kings o’ the earth for war; he hath assembled
Bocchus, the king of Libya; Archelaus,
Of Cappadocia; Philadelphos, king
Of Paphlagonia; the Thracian king, Adallas;
King Malchus of Arabia; King of Pont;
Herod of Jewry; Mithridates, king
Of Comagene; Polemon and Amyntas,
The kings of Mede and Lycaonia,
With a more larger list of sceptres.

We have now read 7 plays and I would like to thank Erik, Lois, Richard, Marvin and Todd for attending most of the readings so far. I like to think of each reader as literally giving every on else in the room the gift of their voice and personality every time they read and I am thankful to them for sharing their gifts.

We will be reading  “Measure for Measure” on Sunday, June 28th, starting at 1:00 pm at the Plymouth Library. Please note the new date as I moved the reading as it was scheduled on Father’s Day. We will be in the Walldorf Room this time.