Thanks to everyone who showed up to read The Aeneid.

Special thanks to first time student attendees, Madison and Mary.
You guys read wonderfully and it was nice to see you and other group members work out events in the book and relate them to the great Homeric epics. We hope to see you back and also other students. If you do not return, we wish you the joy of periodically revisiting this great book and mining its inexhaustible riches for yourself. Many of us in the group have read the book a few times but each rereading seems fresh and a revelation.

Thanks also to first time attendee, Phil Howell. Sorry you had to leave early Phil. It took a while for us to find our rhythm and the action really picked up in Book II with the Trojan Horse and the Fall of Troy and the Sea Wanderings of Book III. We hope to see you back.

Thanks also to George and Sharon Hunter for attending. George and Sharon, thanks for trying to stick it out for a while without having the translation we were using. Things were difficult enough for those who had the translation in front of us with allusions, seeming digressions and tales flying at you with ferocious rapidity.

Thanks to Mike Nader for reading us the opening of the poem in Latin so that we could get a sense of the sound and the meter and for starting us off wonderfully before he had to leave.

I think that most of the readers who were there till the end will agree that the reading was challenging and required a lot of concentration and stamina but at the same time also was energizing and exhilarating with an intense immersion into the story of Aeneas and his flight from Troy ending up in Carthage (so far).

Thanks again to everyone for deciding to spend some of your time on a rather “difficult pleasure” and literally giving breath to life at the reading.

Prashant Andrade (