This is a reminder that we will be meeting to read Henry V on December 6, 12:45 pm at Plymouth District Library.Since the play is one of the longer ones with 3227 lines, we will start the reading at 12:45 pm sharp.

Andrea and Lois have volunteered to do the French speaking parts of the French Princess and Alice, thanks! At this meeting, we will also vote on what tragedy we will be reading in January: Coriolanus, Timon of Athens or Titus Andronicus.

I will send a separate reminder for the Epic Poetry group reading where we finish the Aeneid next week. The Epic Poetry Group will be reading The Purgatorio from Dante’s Divine Comedy starting in January. When we read the Inferno earlier in the year, we started to get glimpses into the structure of the awesome and enormous “cathedral of words” that Dante conceived of and I am excited that we will be exploring that a lot more with our reading of the Purgatorio.

I am currently rereading the Purgatorio right now and one of my strategies for gaining more insight into this structure is to write down all the cross-references to other cantos of the poem next to the text so that I can visit those cantos during my rereading and start understanding the structure a little more. I know most of us at the Inferno reading would agree that there is quite nothing like studying Dante, an inexhaustible activity that can reward deeper and deeper readings. Please let me know if you have similar strategies that help you understand the structure of the poem better and I will compile them and post them on the blog.