Thanks to everyone who showed up to read Coriolanus yesterday! I think everyone enjoyed the reading very much. A lot of the characters and events in the play seemed to suggest analogies to happenings today (tea parties, vile tribunes, war as glory) etc.

I wonder what the people in the book checkout line outside the Friends Room where we were meeting thought at hearing a bunch of sedate looking readers (playing the conspirators) chanting “Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill” in a crescendo just before Coriolanus went down :-).

We also voted for the play to be read in February and “The Winter’s Tale” came out on top. I was glad of this choice as those of us who have read the play before get to fall in love again with Perdita and Autolycus (for different reasons!).

The group encourages the participation of students in these readings. Please let any students that you think might be interested know about the readings. We have often had students from the Plymouth Canton Educational Park attending the Shakespeare readings and we hope this continues in the future too.

Prashant Andrade (