We will be meeting to read The Winter’s Tale at the Plymouth Library on Sunday, February 14 at 12:30 pm. Hope to see you there!

The most famous modern production of this is probably the one directed by Peter Brook with Gielgud as Leontes. I have a Caedmon CD with Gielgud as Leontes and also casts Peggy Ashcroft and Alan Bates for an incredible feast of riches.

Most of the following is based on Goddard and I strongly encourage anyone who has not read the two volumes of “The Meaning of Shakespeare” by Goddard to do so. It is quite simply among the best criticism of Shakespeare since Samuel Johnson and Coleridge.

I have to mention the fourth act of the play which brims with sheer joy of life and is one of Shakespeare’s pinnacles. Perdita (the name can be taken to imply that she is the Paradise Lost of human nature) has an infectious beauty of appearance and character that touches all who come near her. Florizel is the most articulate of Shakespeare’s princely lovers and then of course there is Autolycus who is as far beyond good and evil in his roguery as Perdita is in her innocence.

It looks like this reading will be truly delightful so please come join us and share this experience on Sunday!

Prashant Andrade (fea_123@yahoo.com)