I am excited to announce that we will be meeting to read Books 1-4 of the Fitzgerald translation of The Odyssey on Sunday, April 25 at 1:00 pm at the Plymouth Library as the next book in the Epic Poetry Group readings.

Our reading of The Aeneid was extremely enjoyable and I anticipate that The Odyssey will match up to that reading. I would strongly encourage you to come and participate in reading aloud what many people consider the greatest cohesive single work of literature extant. Especially if you have tried reading the poem on your own, but have not made it through, reading aloud with the characters speaking in different voices raises the experience to another level. There were several moments during the reading of The Aeneid when the words seemed to disappear and it almost felt like there were characters in the room experiencing things and reacting to them rather than reading from a text. Great literature has the ability to do this and I look forward to these moments during our reading of The Odyssey.

Exposure to the Odyssey also increases your ability to understand and appreciate other great works of literature like The Iliad, Ulysses, Troilus and Cressida, The Aeneid and also other paintings and poems written over the ages.

Attempts at capturing the poem visually through film fail to recreate the incredible magic of sound and sense, adventure and open vistas present in the poem, an achievement that few poets have matched. All the beauty in the poem is utterly accessible, it is not one of those difficult pleasures that literature sometimes seems to present.

Please note that this group is very reader friendly, you can choose to read minor roles or not read at all and we happily accommodate all accents, and reading abilities. Most of us in the group find ourselves becoming better readers as we read more and more selections.

I will be grateful if you mention the reading to as many people as you can including social networking sitesĀ  as I would like to throw open the magic of this magnificent poem to as wide an audience as possible.

I will post role assignments for the reading by tomorrow, hope to see you on Sunday!

Prashant Andrade (fea_123@yahoo.com)